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Hi Martin, I know it's an few weeks since we booked the limo, but I wanted to send you a pic or too and some comments from the girls that they wrote down after spending an hour in your beautiful pink stretch limo, so you get to hears what they thought! I have to say the limo was the highlight of Lottie's birthday. She absolutely loved it, and I can't think of a better way to welcome in the teenage years. Your professionalism, the way you looked after everyone and the sheer excitement of being driven around in a pink stretch limo was something that all the girls will remember for a long time! I will always be grateful I came across your company on the internet, as the experience more than met my expectations, and I shall always smile when thinking about how Lottie got to celebrate her birthday. Thankyou. So here are the girls comments.. Emily: "OMG I LOVE LIMOS!! IT WAS SOOO COOL! Fay: "OMG!! it was fandabbydosie!!" Sophia: "Can we do it again? Pleeeeeaasee?!" Mable: "Best thing ever. Nothing can beat it!" and the birthday girl herself, " Fantastic, best thing ever! I would so like to do it again!!" As you can see, you were a hit! Hope business is brisk and the snow isn't putting too many people off riding about in limos... all the very best Billie Cornish

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